Ten Tips to Living With Diabetes

Ten Tips To Living With Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that affects a person due to insufficient secretion of insulin. This insulin is secreted from the pancreas and lack of it increases the sugar level in the blood thus causing the disease. There are however ways to live with diabetes thus making the ailment easier to handle. Let us see how

Curb the Crave

High blood sugar brings down the sense of thirst, thus making you more hungry when actually what you require is a drink. So do not make the body crave for food. If you crave for food in between meals have a glass of water and wait and watch. If the urge to eat does not come down, then you are hungry truly. If it subsides then you could have some apple slices .

What you could do is to sip black tea as it helps in controlling sugar.

Fibre Filled Food

corn zucchini olive salad with lemon vinaigrette
corn zucchini olive salad with lemon vinaigrette

The best way to deal with diabetes is to have more fibre. Have spinach, pears and acorn squash. This is good and make sure you have at least 3 grams of fibre every day.

Pepping Up the exercise

Research shows that it is good to smell peppermint during exercise as it makes you feel fresh. So dab it in the towel and use it to wipe your forehead as you work out.

You could fill the water bottle with sugarless peppermint with ice tea and sip this during the workout.

Beat the Itch

During winter it gets difficult as the skin goes dry and it starts itching, and all the more id it is diabetes. The high blood sugar brings down the fluid content in the body and also increases nerve damage. This brings down the sweating and helps you to stay hydrated always.

If you have a wet skin, then do not apply creams on underarms, and between your toes. This could increase fungal infections.

Fight the Flu

There are chances you could get viral infections six times more when you are diabetic than when you are normal. Schedule your flu shots earlier before winter arrives so that you are safe.

Slice It Up

abbage salad, asparagus, crudites hummus and kela pakoda
abbage salad, asparagus, crudites hummus and kela pakoda

You cold slice up the carrots and cucumbers and store them in the fridge. This could help you to eat them whenever you are hungry.

Diabetes is a condition which requires you to have some control over your food and lifestyle. This ensures you are well on your path to good health.


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