How Do You Start Your Day

A perfect day starts with perfect habits and regular routine. Health is a state of mind and it is only this unique aspect that allows you to be in a perfect combination with life. So how exactly do you start your day?

Early to bed early to rise is the best way to start a day

Early to bed Early To Rise

They say that old adages have had their importance and one can only say that practice makes a man perfect. The best way to start a day is to sleep early and rise early. The early morning sun is the best thing that makes your mind, body and soul peaceful. So start early and stay happy.

Breathe deep

Deep breathing is a way of maintaining the equilibrium within. Practice yoga or just some basic deep breathing exercises and begin your day with a lot of oxygen in your brain. Yes, deep breathing and light exercises in the morning ensure your body gets the oxygen it requires for regular functioning.

Drink Water

Water is the universal solvent and helps your system to stay in perfect condition. When you get up, begin your day with a warm glass of water. This not only makes your system alkaline but also aids in removing the excess acidity caused in your internal system overnight. Lime is the best anti toxin which gets rid of all the toxins inside your body. Warm water with lime is the ideal way to start the mornings. This combination ensures that you will have a clean digestive system to begin with.

Green Tea

Women drinking green tea

Green Tea is a way of providing your body with the energy and stamina that you need to continue with your morning chores. After the warm water, finish your small routines of the morning and then have green tea . This will give you the strength to finish your other chores.

Walk It Up

The rolling hills of the Boseong Green Tea Pla...

However difficult it would seem to be, yet walking is the best way you could spice up your health in the mornings. It is not needed that you need to run a hundred miles to stay fit. No. Whatever you do, do it consistently. So if you have the time to take a half an hour walk everyday, do that.  If you have only fifteen minutes then do that , but do not fail to do it. That is the policy.

Breakfast like a king

Breakfast is filled with the nutrition and energy that you need to begin the day. They say your breakfast should be the best meal of the day. Fiber, cereals, fruits, milk, eggs, and sprouts are ideal in the morning. Binge on them and be set for the rest of the day.

Now that you have an idea of how your mornings should be, would you not want to try it out?

Begin now and be healthy always )))!!

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