Health Tips For A Sore Throat

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With the onset of the rainy season, it is a time for lot of freshness in the air, harvesting in the fields and the end of a long hot season. However along with these beautiful aspects, the monsoon also brings along with it some common ailments, the sore throat being the most widely spread.

Soreness of the throat is caused due to the presence of bacteria or virus, due to phlegm or due to acidity. Whatever the cause be, one can take certain immediate measures to cure one of this problem.

Gargling To Good Health

Most of the bacteria from the food we eat dwells in the region of the throat. This is the most comfortable place they can nestle in and good salt water gargling is an easy health tip to drive away these bacteria. Salt is a natural antiseptic and aids in clearing bacteria thus relieving you of the sore throat.

Steaming With Success

Often a person has a sore throat due to viral infection which results in cough, cold and flu. Steaming is a process which helps in melting the phlegm within and easing your throat pain. Thus when you have a sore throat you could follow this simple health tip of steaming for around 10 to 15 minutes. This helps one to breathe easy and help in the cycle of eliminating the phlegm.

Honey I Have you

Yes, the good old honey is the best home remedy for a sore throat. Warm water and add a spoon of honey in it and drink it early in the morning and before going to bed. Honey has the right constituents to help you in maintaining the perfect conditions for a good throat.

Gingerly Yours

Ginger the simple spice that we add in food everyday is actually a miracle cure for sore throat. Take a small piece of ginger and crush it. Now add warm water to it and drink it and keep the ginger in your mouth for some time such that the juice keeps seeping in. This is an easy way of curing your sore throat.

After all this, you would find yourself feeling better. However if the sore throat persists, of course you have to visit a doctor. Till then happy reading and no coughing !

Sore throat is a problem commonly occurring to people who are affected by a bacteria, virus or at times allergic conditions.

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