brinjal or aubergine

The Health Benefits of Brinjal or Aubergine

brinjal or aubergine
brinjal or aubergine


Know your vegetables well. Know what you eat and what its benefits are . Brinjal, aubergine , baingan or kathirikkai as it is known in India is one such vegetable that belongs to that family of plants which are categorized as nightshades.

 Aubergine is actually a berry and is grown from vines of a plant. With a beautiful shiny skin, it comes in shades of light green, purple, generally and is either slender or pear shaped.

 English: brinjal






 The health benefits of brinjal are many . Let us see what they are.

 1. Brinjal aids in losing weight

 Aubergine has  lot of fiber contentt that is good for creating bulk in the food and takes a long time to digest So eating the eggplant or aubergine before a meal would make you eat lesser.

 2. Brinjal is good for the heart

 The humble baingan has some phytonutrients that help in bringing down the cholesterol level. This aids in pumping more blood to the heartt and also increases the content of other nutrients like magnesium, folate, vitamin B3 and potassium.

 3. Digestion is good when we eat brinjal

 Aubergine or baingan has a lot of fiber which helps in pushing out the toxins and the waste and also erodes the pollutants and chemicals thus preventing constipation and other diseases like colon and stomach cancer.

 4.  Health Benefits of brinjal for the brain

 The phytonutrients in the simple baingan helps to protect the brain cells and also aids in clearing sttress. The vitamin B in the aubergines only help to prevent any further growth of tumours and cancer.

 5. Now Balance your iron levels through brinjal

 Iron is a very important constituent of the body system and as aubergine has a lot of it , consuming it is a great idea. Nasunin is a phytonutrient in this vegetable which aids in increasing the content of iron.

A brinjal dish
A brinjal dish

 6. Now Enjoy Good Health Through Brinjal

 Eat brinjal and enjoy good health as it helps you to avoid smoking due to the small nicotine content it has. So any craving for nicotine is fulfilled through this.  The amount of minerals, vitamins and water along with healthy fat helps you to have healthy nails.  It also helps to control conditions like diabetes as it has very less carbohydrate content and great capacity to reduce the glucose levels in the body.

 7.  Eat brinjal, enjoy the health benefits of the vegetable

 Brinjal or baingan helps to maintain a perfect  control of skin toning and also provides the required water content to give a good radiance to the skin.  Rubbing brinjal pieces on the face for 10 minutes produces a shine on the face.  Application of brinjal pieces on warts help to peel them off easily.

 8. Lustrous Hair Through Brinjal

 The nutrients in aubergine help to maintain the lustrous nature of the hair and it strengthens hair follicles.

 Thus brinjal has a disease fighting capacity through its oxidants and other nutritional capacities. Consume this vegetable everyday and have a healthy and nutritional diet.  Know the health benefits of brinjal well and experience the best culinary and health delights.


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