Benefits of Brown Rice

Brown rice is good for health and is much better than white rice. People prefer white rice due to the colour and appearance. However brown rice is surely the healthy alternative. Brown rice is the unrefined category of white rice. It has both the hull and the bran and thus cooks faster and digests easier in the stomach. It has thiamine, protein,magnesium, calcium, potassium and fiber. It has a low glycemic index and helps as a good diabetic food as it reduces the insulin spikes.

Let us see all the benefits of brown rice

  1. It is rich in selenium

Yes, brown rice has selenium which helps to cure ailments like heart disease, cancer and arthritis.

Rich IN Managanese

A cup of brown rice has 80% of the daily requirement of manganese which helps to synthesize the fats. It also aids in taking care of the nervous system and reproductive organs.

It has natural oils which are good to maintain the cholesterol levels and th

  1. Weight loss

Brown rice is a good bet for losing weight. The fiber in the brown rice ensures smooth bowel function. It is a great addition therefore in everyday diet and keeps the tummy feeling full always.

Brown rice is a whole grain and helps in reducing arterial plaque thus bringing down the chances of high cholesterol and heart disease.

A good anti-oxidant

It is a good anti-oxidant. This is the main benefit of brown rice.

High Fiber Food

Brown rice is very high in fiber and prevents cancer. It helps to eradicate the toxins which make up the building up of cancer in the colon and intestine.

A slow sugar release component

Brown rice releases sugar slowly. So it is a good health food for those who are diabetic. Thos who have brown rice regularly would never have diabetes but those who have white rice daily stand a greater chance of being diabetic.

  1. A very Good Baby Food

It is one of the most preferred baby foods and it is advised to give the babies this nutritious food stuff. IT is a better choice than other food given to babies.

Prevents growth of Candida inside

Candida is yeast that grows within and causes health problems. Brown rice ensures that you have enough stamina and immunity to prevent the growth of such bacteria inside. The natural digestive capacity of brown rice only aids in making this a very good choice always.

The benefits of brown rice ensure protection from ailments like diabetes and also aid in weight loss.


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